What Are the List of Commands Used In Dragon?

June 1, 2020
Commands Used In Dragon
Commands Used In Dragon

Do you want to know about the list of commands that Dragon Naturally Speaking provides? Then you will surely find the same right here. All you are required to do is read through this blog until the end. But if you have other queries related or come across any issues then you can get connected with the professional team of Dragon Naturally Speaking Customer Support.

Now Following You Will Find The List Of Dragon Commands:

  • Feature to control the microphone

Here you have the features to Go to sleep, the Stop listening, wake up, listen to me, and the microphone off.

  • Get Help

If you need help for any related query then in the ‘search the help for’ you can ask to show you commands for the navigation, correction, formatting, or punctuation, for any of the case you just need to open ‘Help’

  • The basic dictation and editing
  • The help to add lines and spaces
  • Dictating punctuation
  • Fixing mistakes
  • Select the text
  • Format
  • Copy and paste
  • Spell out
  • Move to the insertion point
  • Move-in a list
  • Add new words or commands
  • Search the computer

You can search the computer for files, documents, and e-mails

  • Searching the web

We use this for searching text, eBay, site, videos, etc.

  • Working with the web

You should have the Dragon Web Extensions enabled in your Internet Explorer or Chrome.

  • Work with your windows

The option to switch to windows name, minimize the window, show the desktop, and restore windows, lists all the windows, as well as the list for programs.

  • Start and close the items

You can choose to click on Start or you can choose the other options such as; Start the DragonPad, Microsoft Word, and Internet Explorer, open the Control Panel, close windows by pressing Alt F4 keys.

  • The mouse control

This helps you to move the mouse up, right, down slower, stop, click, double click, and right-click.


Now we hope that the above-given information is helpful and useful to get you started with your Dragon software. However, if you need help with some glitches related then you can always contact the team of technicians only at Dragon Naturally Speaking Support Number. And thereafter you will be guided by the team with only appropriate and reliable solutions instantly.

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