Dragon NaturallySpeaking Support for Excel commands

May 3, 2020
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Support
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Support

If you are unaware of how to use the ‘Excel Commands’ of your Dragon NaturallySpeaking then great that you are here on this site as here you will surely find the accurate solution that is useful and you will get over with the process instantaneously. It is not at all a difficult task but yes the correct method on how it should be done is very important. You can find our Dragon NaturallySpeaking Support number here to get extended help.

The steps for using spreadsheets to reformat with the help of Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software commands are mentioned below:

You’ve just got to go through the steps accordingly to get the right result.

  1. For selecting the entire row or column in the Microsoft Excel;
  2. You need to move the cursor to the specific row/column.
  3. Then you are supposed to speak ‘press control spacebar or shift spacebar’ for selecting the column and row respectively.
  4. For formatting the cells dialog box in the Microsoft Excel;
  5. You are required to speak ‘click format cells’ and thus it will get opened on the screen.
  6. Displaying the number tab in the Format cells;
  7. You can easily find this tab on the top when the boxes get opened.
  8. You can also go for arrows accordingly for the purpose of switching from one account to another.
  9. For moving the cursor into the category list;
  10. You are required to just ‘press the Alt + C keys together at the same time.’
  11. For selecting the specific currency on the category list;
  12. You can easily do it with the help of the move up & down commands available.
  13. For disappearing the format cells box from the screen;
  14. You are required to just ‘press the enter key’ and thus, you will find success in disappearing the format cells box from the screen.

We hope that the solutions provided above are helpful and you are now able to work with the excel commands smoothly. But in case you face any issues related then you must contact Dragon NaturallySpeaking Support Number right away to get the guidance from our diligent experts and they are highly qualified to do so.

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