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How can we make our life easier with Nuance Dragon Voice Recognition Software?

Making Notes for Business and Government with Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Customer Care

While working in any corporate and government, there are lot of information and notes that should be kept for future references. Making meeting reports and notes, sending work mails and project information, can all be done while standing in balcony or staring any beautiful view from your office.

Dragon Software Customer Services Number +1-888-471-8628 

Writing lengthy work reports with all corrections are some common daily work for government employee. They are not trained to type correctly and major of them have a slow typing speed.

With Dragon Naturally Speaking Software 13, you can simply dictate the reports straight into the computer which is 5 times faster than typing. And not just that, with Nuance Customer Services, it does not make any spelling mistakes. Its algorithm doesn’t even get any strain or injury while working too much. And yes, its customer support for dragon software customer services is available 24×7.

Making lives of Writers and Journalist Easier with Dragon Software

It’s the first choice for journalist and writers for making notes. They can now make their notes 3 times faster than typing. A writer has freedom to move everywhere away from keyboard and verbalize about their story. has several customers who accomplished writers to jumpstart their career.

Dragon Software Customer Service Number: +1-888-471-8628

Drafting Emails and Social Media Posts with Dragon Software (Customer Services)

With Dragon Speech Recognition, i.e. Dragon Naturally speaking you can send out mails and tweets for your friends and family. Just speak out what you have in your mind and heart at that moment.

With Dragon Naturally Speaking you have the power to update your Facebook status lying on bed with your eyes closed.

Doctors and Medical Professionals with Nuance Dragon Support

With the modernization, doctors need to keep lengthy medical reports. These reports are especially very important if they have to do some surgery and they are required to write medical – legal insurance reports. Having least amount of time, doctors need to ensure they maximize their productivity.

With Dragon Medical Practice Edition, they can make their report faster and easily. It is specifically designed for doctors with its 90 specialist vocabularies. This makes the program highly accurate and easier for Doctors. Doctors can make their reports many times faster with much richer and complete reports.

How Dragon NaturallySpeaking Helps Physically Challenged People?

For physically handicapped person for whom it is difficult to use keyboard, Dragon Voice Recognition software is his companion. While there is some limitations with other speech recognition, Dragon Naturally Speaking is far more effective, efficient and versatile. Especially for Voice commands, it can help you edit, write and use full functionality for major software.

This is something senior can be benefited with arthritis, or weak eyesight or other issues. They can use Nuance Dragon Support Number call on +1-888-471-8628 for any issue. Dragon NaturallySpeaking to enable them to connect with outer world. They can manage their social media to make any updates.

How teachers and educators can gets benefited with Dragon Speech Recognition?

Supposed you are running behind. And you have to write a 3000 word essay within next 24 hours. And you type 25 words per minute with two fingers, then speech recognition becomes you favorite friend who have your back. Many universities and academics have used Dragon NaturallySpeaking to complete their report and PhD thesis.

It is widely used by educators and university staff to help them complete day-to-day activities. Student, Teachers and academics, all are benefits from the speech and there is even special discount pricing for them. We have a special discounted services for Teacher and Educators, Just reach for Nuance Dragon Support Number at +1-888-471-8628.

Long Term Ergonomic computer use

Looking on computer screen for a long period of time can weaken the eye and give them eyestrain which can lead to headaches. Starring your computer screen for long term can give you several health problems.

Using the dragon speech recognition software you can free you from the desk, chair and look out of your window or balcony and be 3 times more productive. Many of our customers use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to help them work with full productivity and help them give rest to their wrists and hand from overuse from typing.

Making Notes and Blogging

Don’t you think that your mind has something to write but can’t convert them to words? With Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professionals, you can easily convert your thoughts with words and write your daily journal or blog.

Most writers say that they add more to their blog when they just have to speak rather than typing. Just sit down and relax and forget. Instead of trying, with Dragon Speech recognition, you can start working right from the couch you are totally relaxed on.

Control your window application through voice command

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking works with all major application including MS Word, WordPerfect and Outlook. Just use your voice command only to open the applications and open new windows. Scroll up and Down or highlight text and use buttons. You can also customize special voice command short-cuts for action they would normally require several steps.

You can run these programs with their entire functionality without even touching your keyboard.

These are some of the several examples why dragon speech recognition is used by many customers on daily basis in US. We have been providing Dragon Naturally Speaking for many years now and we have discovered much reason why people use it.

Get your Dragon Voice Recognition Software today by calling on our Nuance Customer Care at +1-888-471-8628 now. For more information on Dragons Software Customer Services, visits our blog section here: Dragon Naturally Speaking Tips and Tricks.

We have more than hundred thousands of customers who has been using our Nuance Dragon Software Customer Services for Remote Support. Our team is the only technical support who provides Remote Support for Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Support through call. If you have any query, feel free to reach us 24×7 on Nuance Customer Support.