Speaking Command That Get Type as Text

January 21, 2020

Have you been troubled lately with your Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software? Are you not getting the correct text or are you receiving some incorrect results with Speaking Command? There are a number of reasons for the error so you do not need to be worried about it as the solution is here in this blog and you just got to be assured that the solutions are relevant and useful.

Firstly you would have to get the pause corrected of your device for which you need to go to the ‘Multi-Word commands such as the ‘Italicize that or you can also choose the option ‘Format That Arial daring sixteen purposes.’ You need to remember to pause in short before the command but do not do it in the middle of the degree.

If you find that your Dragon professional individual Speaking Command can hear you in a correct manner. Then you need to check on the status box or you just got to focus on your Dragon varieties instead of your own.

Speaking Command That Get Type as Text

If your Dragon hears you say ‘Italy Sized Hat’ then it will not italicize anything at all. If you find that this error is happening frequently then you will have to word coach on the actual commands that your Dragon professional is misinterpreting.

To get Speaking Command fixed follow the step below

You will have to keep this in mind that you need to hold down the key and while you are doing this you got to dictate to Dragon saying “Hey assistant, this is a command I say often” if the issue still persists then you have another option to get this fixed up you can opt to dictate “Press the option control I” and do not choose to say “Italicize that” this time. And definitely, this should get it to work again.

If you are completed with the method above and the problem seems to still pop-up then just take it easy and all you would need to now is connect with our experts right here at Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Support Number + 1-888-471-8628 to have the issues resolved as the techs here are highly skilled and are well-practiced to tackle any issues related o you can without any hesitation trust our team with your device.

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