Steps to open profile of Dragon Naturally Speaking on your device

January 14, 2020

Are you looking forward to open profile on Dragon Naturally Speaking software on your system? Did not find the appropriate steps to do so? Now you will be able to do so for we are right there at your service to guide you with accurate solutions then you wouldn’t require going anywhere else. The only effort you will have to put in is you need to read this blog till the end and follow the given steps accordingly for better results.

You need to first launch open profile dragon naturally speaking on your device

Then you are required to go to ‘manage users’ option.

After that, you have to choose the user file > advanced > restore.

Now, after doing so, a user name will get created.

Next, just close the manage users and move to dragon naturally speaking.

There you will see an option for ‘open users’. Just go there, and then you have to go for the restore user option.

Finally, you have to select the ‘open’ option and this is how you would able to open your profile.

Steps to open profile of Dragon Naturally Speaking on your device

But note that these steps are only for versions 7, 8, 9 and 10.

And in case if you are looking for some different versions or for restoring it manually, just reach us through call on + 1-888-471-8628 .

We just hope that the steps we have given here are helpful and reliable for you to get over with opening up the Dragon profile as we have provided you with the exact solutions. But if not so and you find that you are still having a difficult time then you always have our expert right here a Dragon Naturally Speaking Customer Number.

You can dial us any time without having any hesitation, and get to experience the top quality services that we render to our customers along with giving complete satisfaction in the results after resolved. So wouldn’t you like to avail such offers that are fast easy at hand whenever you require assistance? Yes, of course, who wouldn’t want, right?. Learn more about Dragon Software with us.

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