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What is dragon software?

It is a dictation software like you talk and software do the job for you. Dragon naturally speaking has been in to business since very long and doing a great job towards dictation and making different type of software. Dragon naturally speaking is developed by nuance inc. there are many versions of nuance dragon naturally speaking. You can use this software on any devices. You can use this software for dictating on Mac/windows/smart phones. Dragon naturally speaking software is being used by doctors, Professors, writers and good number of professionals. It not only make you complete your task faster but also learn your accent, style of dictation and it can do a lot for you. All you need to do is to learn more commands and more dictation way.

Common Problems Encountered with Dragon Naturally Speak


There are majorly ten common problems that Dragon Professional users face.

If you want to owe something, the problems are part of the experience. The software problems are part of the experience period.

Dictating but nothing happens – The words which leave your mouth will not appear on a screen. Sometimes say a few words into the microphone and then analyze what happens.

 The microphone – The microphone is connected in the right of the computer or a microphone jack. (The correct one is usually red.) for something else, use it is not a cause if you record a sound through the microphone.

The sound card – A poor sound card makes for poor recognition, but it is a far cry from nothing. Because of poor quality, it must be broken in order to cause Dragon Professional Individual.

Third Windows – Look at the microphone balance when the double –click on the speaker icon on the taskbar.

Fourth Microphone Icon – On the Dragon professional individual toolbar or on the windows toolbar check the microphone icon.

  If you don’t remember which windows are active, then the text is actually pilling up somewhere that you’re not looking.

Sixth The dragon Bar – Look whether the circle indicator is green in color at the Dragon bar.

Dealing with incorrect results- If the error occurs in dictating then it is called recognition errors or accuracy problems.

Don’t you feel better having an official diagnosis of your problem?

Make sure you speak the word fully.

Make sure your microphone is just half inch far away from your mouth.

Run the audio again and check the microphone.

In the options dialog box that appears to click the miscellaneous tab. Drag the speed and click the OK button.

You can use the correction dialogue box if you repeatedly get the wrong words. With its help Dragon naturally speaking users cannot about the errors.

Speaking Command that gets typed as text

Suppose you want to dictate a bold a line and you give a command “bold it” and suddenly the whole line gets disappeared and gets replaced with the word “bold it”. These types of problems occur due to several reasons.

Is the command you have given work on this application?

Is Dragon naturally speaking hearing you correctly?

The above mentions are some problems with Dragon naturally speaking. For more information, you can contact